Did you miss the GW1 deadline? Was Mo Salah somehow missing from your team? Despair not. With a late registration entry for FanTeam’s €1,000,000 guarantee you’ll get 70% of the average score from GW1 and “an extra wildcard”.

Technically it’s not an extra wildcard but the best part about this late entry is that you can select your team now, with all the info from GW1 available. In a “normal” season this might not have been such a grand advantage, but with Man City, Man U, Burnley and Villa blanking in GW1, managers who already had a team registered are now faced with some very tricky decisions.

No need to worry about player price increases on FanTeam (yet)

De Bruyne, Bruno or Sterling? And who should they come in for? Surely not Salah. Aubameyang? His value on FanTeam is not as high since he is considered a forward there, still he opened with a goal for a strong-looking Arsenal. GW1 revealed, as always, many exciting enablers, and a team could look something like this:

Are you worried about missing out on the increase of Fantasy players? Unlike FPL, prices won’t change until all the teams have played on FanTeam, so you have until the deadline for GW 2 to register (midday CET). We would not recommend signing up after that, but the late registration option is valid until GW4. The 46 points mentioned in the title is a calculation of 70% of the average score for GW1 that was initially made by FPLOL but later on confirmed by Scout Gaming Group (who runs the game).

The current leader has Firmino 😅 (shots fired)

The price to join the FanTeam league is €25 (or €500/€2000 for the highroller versions). If you sign up using this link you will get an extra €30 to play for if you deposit €20. There is more than €1,000,000 in the prize pool, and the leader after GW1 has 118,5 points with the team below. The way we see it? Anyone who has Firmino in their Fantasy team can be beaten (shots fired).

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