Research shows that the safest way to practice social distancing now is to remind Fantasy Premier League (FPL) mini-league losers to pay up.

The 19/20 Premier League season is over and it’s time to settle the score for those who participated in mini-leagues with stakes.

Excuses, excuses, excuses

“Was it €20 from each? I thought it was €10”.

“I haven’t changed my team since gameweek 4 so I should not have to pay that”.

“My wife gave me 48 minus points on purpose. She was pissed I spent too much time on it and I had to quit”.

When it comes to excuses for now owning up to private mini-league bets we’ve heard them all. Well, excuses are better than ghosting of course, and this is certainly the time for suddenly being ghosted by defeated fantasy “friends”.

Dr. Krul Intensions

In fact, recent research from the University of Leeds was able to establish a clear pattern of less COVID-19 among losing FPL players. The research team, led by Dr. Krul Intensions, released a press release on Monday after this season’s Premier League was concluded.

“In July, people who owed money from FPL mini-leagues had 75% less COVID-19 than the general population. The numbers were very similar for the UK, Norway, Egypt, Algerie and Nigeria. Our findings are remarkable”, Krul stated.

He is now addressing all angry FPL mini-league winners who are struggling to collect their winnings.

“I have received hundreds of emails with mini-league horror stories since the research results were announced but there is nothing I can do for them”.

FPLOL’s solution

Here at FPLOL we are very solution-oriented and to us, it seems pretty clear: Pay €25 to sign up a team for FanTeam’s PL season tournament instead of betting for “promised” money in mini-leagues. FanTeam’s tournament has €1,000,000 guaranteed in the prize pool, and when they say guaranteed they mean guaranteed.

Right now (September 1st) more than 4000 players have signed up and the numbers keep growing, but we would be surprised if this tournament ends up without extra added value.

There is also great value in joining the FPLOLympics, which is a 3 vs 3 league based on FanTeam’s tournament. You can read all about it on the image below. FPLOL will add prizes to the winners here depending on the number of sign-ups, so stay tuned closer to kick-off on September 12th!