BRAGGING RIGHTS: Kristoffer Freding drove 6 hours on Thursday to join a Christmas party for Aston Villa fans, only to see captain Grealish blank against Burnley. But with Rashford, Son and Lamptey in his Thereabouts FC, Freding won this round in the FPLOL league.

“Grealish was ridiculously good against Burnley. It’s a miracle that Aston Villa didn’t score. I cannot remember seing a game dominated so much by one team”, Freding told FPLOL.


66 points was enough in a round where most of the big captains didn’t deliver.

The Villa fan from Horten has stumbled his way down to 18th place (of 51) in the FOLOL league in the official FPL game, and largely blames his “handicap”. CLICK HERE TO JOIN (free) or use the code 7hnsmn.

“First of all let me say that there is a lot of good players in your league. And it doesn’t help that I refuse to put any players from Liverpool in my team. I also have a rule to always have three players from Aston Villa, at least in the squad. Both Martinez and Grealish are must-haves these days though, so I don’t consider this a drawback”.


Just like the other gameweek winners we asked Freding to select his 11 players for the Weekly Monster tournament on Fanteam. As you can see he puts the armband on Ollie Watkins, and he found room for Pedro Neto from Wolves who impressed against Chelsea.

The deadline here is at 13:30 CET on Saturday and not at noon like in the official FPL game. Your score is only dependant on the matches from gameweek 14.

Those who know Mr. Freding know he is not afraid to shoot from the hip, when there is football involved. If you are a Liverpool fan at the local pub in Horten and suddenly get served a pint of milk, you know Freding is in the building. If that makes you want to troll his Twitter you can find it here.

Needless to say we are very excited to hear his best/worst joke. Freding was so happy with his contribution in the FPLOL podcast that he repeats his material from there:

What is the biggest cause of dry skin?