Terms of use

Our customers, including prospective customers, collectively referred to as ‘the Customer’, are kindly requested to read the following Terms & Conditions (‘Conditions’) which regulate not only the use of our website https://fplol.com but also our relationship with the Customer, saving any other specific written agreement to the contrary:

1 Applicable law

Being incorporated under Maltese law, and having its offices and main base in Malta, FPLOL registered as All In Translations Ltd (‘The Company’, ‘Our’ or ‘We’ as the need arises) is obliged to observe Maltese law. Likewise we require that the Customer accepts that any dealings of any nature, and the relationship between the Customer and the Company, is regulated by Maltese law. Should any dispute or disagreement arise, while the Company undertakes to do its best to resolve this issue amicably, should the need arise the Customer hereby accepts that this disagreement or dispute is to be resolved by the Maltese Arbitration Centre, or by a tribunal or court here in Malta. In other words, the Customer accepts that Maltese law and the Maltese courts and tribunals have exclusive jurisdiction in its relationship with the Company.

2 Use of the Website

While these Conditions are binding both on the Company and on the Customer, the rest of the Website is general information of interest which is provided ‘as is’ without any warranties of any kind, express or implied;

While the Company makes every attempt to ensure that the content contained on this Website is complete, timely and accurate, We make no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the Website and the content provided herein. We reserve the right to change the content at any time without any form of prior notice and will not be held liable for errors or omissions in the content;

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Website’s contents are copyrighted in favour of the Company, or in certain cases in favour of third parties. The Customer hereby agrees and undertakes to respect the relevant laws on copyright. While the Customer may peruse the contents of this Website, such perusal will not in any way grant him any right or copyright over the same;

The Customer further acknowledges that the Website contains patents and trademarks, which belong to the Company or to third parties. The Customer hereby agrees and undertakes to respect the applicable legislation and the Company’s and third parties’ rights under the same legislation. The Customer is prohibited from altering or removing any copyright, trademark or any other notice or symbol from any authorised copy of the content of this Website;

This Website contains some links to third party websites. The Customer may follow such links completely at his own risk. The Company does not and indeed cannot guarantee that such links are safe and free from any viruses, malware, or other threat whatsoever, and the Company will not accept responsibility for any damages which the Customer may incur from accessing or trying to access such third party websites, or from the perusal of such third party websites. Nor is the Company in any way responsible for the contents of these third party websites.

3 Data Protection and Privacy

The Company is obliged, and hereby undertakes, to respect data protection legislation and to process personal data, including sensitive personal data in accordance with the same legislation. This means, amongst other things, that we do our utmost to collect no more than the minimum amount of data that we require, that we will not sell or rent out the Customer’s data, that we will only use the same data for the purpose for which it was divulged to us, and that we will not retain the same data for longer than necessary. We also fully respect the Customer’s right to request to receive details about any personal data we may have, about him. The Customer is furthermore invited to read the contents of Our Privacy Statement https://fplol.com/privacy-policy/. If the Customer has any queries or concerns about anything he reads in Our Privacy Statement or concerning his data protection rights then he is invited to bring these queries or concerns to our attention by emailing roy@all-in.global. 

The Company will not add the Customer to any mailing list or send any information about updates, or even a newsletter, without seeking prior specific consent. If such consent is forthcoming, the Customer’s right to withdraw the same consent at any time, will be fully respected by The Company.

4 Professional Secrecy

We understand that as our relationship with the Customer evolves, a certain amount of commercially sensitive information may be passed between us. The Company undertakes to treat such information as strictly confidential  and not to use this information except for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations towards the Customer, or as obliged by law (for example under money laundering legislation) or if so compelled by a court or other tribunal. The Customer is required and hereby undertakes to do the same should it obtain any commercially sensitive information concerning the Company, whether from the Company itself or from a third party.

5 Standard of Service

The Company acknowledges the Customer’s right to expect a professional service of a high standard and undertakes to meet the level of service and diligence laid down in article 1032 of the Maltese Civil Code. Indeed We strive to better this standard, and to be the best in the Business, but in legal terms We do not accept responsibility beyond what Maltese law stipulates in the mentioned Civil Code article 1032(1). Once We have met the level of service and diligence laid down in article 1032 of the Civil Code, We do not accept any responsibility for any financial results or consequences, whether direct or indirect, of the services we offer.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified company and take great pride in our work. However, should you require that we use Computer Assisted Translation tools or Translation Management Systems other than those which we normally make use of, this might impact on the standard of the final product. Regrettably, under these circumstances,  a reduction in standard of the final product might prove to be beyond our control.

6 Payment for services rendered

We require settlement of our invoices within fifteen days. Should payments be submitted late, we reserve the right to charge interest at rates set in Maltese law.

7 No waiver

No failure to exercise or enforce, and no delay on our part in exercising or enforcing any part of these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver thereof. Nor shall such failure or delay in any way prejudice or affect our right any time thereafter to act in accordance with such Terms and Conditions.

8 Interpretation

Except where otherwise specifically stated, use of the masculine, will include the feminine, while use of the singular includes the plural;

Where these Terms and Conditions are translated to other languages, in case of a conflict between the different versions, the English version will always prevail;

The titles of the paragraphs to these Terms and Conditions are for interpretation purposes only and do not form part of the actual Terms and Conditions;

Should any part or parts of these Terms and Conditions be declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable by a court or tribunal, the rest of the Terms and Conditions will continue to apply and to bind both the Customer and the Company, as if such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein.

8 Applicability of these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions come into effect on 3rd September 2020;

The Company reserves the right to supplement these Terms and Conditions with a specific written agreement (SLA) with the individual Customer. In case of any contradiction between these T&Cs and the SLA, the SLA would prevail;

The Company also reserves the right to amend and update these Terms and Conditions, but undertakes to inform the Customer in writing of such changes, if it requires that the updated Terms and Conditions apply to that particular Customer.