Privacy policy

We are committed to respecting your right to have your data protected, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal Data Officer

Our Data Protection Officer is Roy Pedersen. Roy may be contacted by email at You may contact him at any time, with any queries, difficulties, or possibly even with a complaint.


From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy, for example as result of a change in applicable law or processing activities. Any such changes will be communicated to you prior to the commencement of the relevant processing activity.

What amounts of personal data is collected

The term “personal data” refers to all information about you from which you may be personally identified, such as your name, surname and contact details.

How personal data is collected

We collect personal data from:

email and social media communication;

information submitted via our “Contact us” page and any other webpage and social media owned by All-in Global (All In Translations Ltd);

How personal data is used

Your personal data is only used for the purpose for which it was collected, that is, as part of our business and the services which we endeavour to offer you. However we may find ourselves in a situation where we will also have to process your personal data to fulfil a legal or regulatory obligation imposed on us. Although we like to keep in touch with our customers and potential customers, for example by sending them news or even a newsletter, we will not do this with you unless you give us your specific consent to this.

Who personal data may be shared with

As a general rule, we do not share your personal data with anybody. Having said that, our employees and other service providers are given access to what personal data they will inevitably require in order to carry out their duties.

We also use third parties to perform our services and, as a result, your information may be shared accordingly. Please refer to the following privacy policies to find out more about these practices: Dropbox, Google, HelloSign, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Skype, WordPress.

Retention of personal data

We aim to collect no more personal data than that which we require to carry out our duties and to provide you with the level of service which you deserve. We keep this data for no longer than necessary.

Your rights

Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation include:

the right to inquire about what personal data about you we hold, and the right to receive a reply to such an inquiry;

the right to have any inaccuracies in the personal data which we hold, corrected;

the right to request that your personal data be deleted, whether partially or completely, on the basis that we no longer require to hold such personal data;

the right to complain primarily to us, as a first step, and in due course to the Data Protection Commissioner if you feel that this is required;

the right to request that we stop processing any of your personal data, if you believe that we are doing this in an illicit manner;

the right to be informed, within seventy-two hours, if a data breach should occur, and also to be informed about what remedial steps were taken further to that breach.

We undertake to fully respect and to uphold these, and any other rights you may enjoy under the GDPR.

Data security

We shall keep your personal data secure and shall commit to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised or unlawful processing.

Effective date of this Policy

This policy has been brought into effect on 3rd September 2020.