BRAGGINGS RIGHTS: Mari Stade’s offensive approach to Fantasy football paid off and gave her the victory in gameweek 16.

“My strategy is to select nailed players from teams I like to watch, as well as offensive defenders in order to get points without clean sheets”, Stade told after 65 points and green arrows in a strange round of Fantasy Premier League.

Mistook her gameweek as mediocre

She tries to stay clear of player from City because of the uncertainty of who is playing when, which obviously paid off when City’s match was postponed.

“I was a bit surprised that I won this round. It felt very mediocre. But I guess many players got stuck without a full team and you gotta love Leeds here”, the veterinary from Norway said.

She started playing Fantasy in 2019 after being encouraged by her work colleagues, and ended up with 95 points in her gameweek debut.

“Fantasy football is all about reality checks”

“But after that I got a reality check. And another one. And another one. I guess that’s how it goes with Fantasy. But my aim is a top 10 finishing position in your league, there should be at least one female there!”.

Stade is on great track to achieve that goal. She is currently 3rd in the FPLOL League, and 125,340 overall which is higher than most players have ever ended.

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Stades tips for GW17

Any hot picks for gameweek 17?

“Zaha will be dangerous against Sheffield United’s defence. And I think Everton and Calwert-Lewin will be back in business after a bit of rest”, Stade said, who was nice enough to take a break from her skiing trip for a quick bragging rights interview.

And your best/worst joke?

What do you call a dog in a free fall?