BRAGGING RIGHTS: “You could see Mané got really pissed off when he was taken off against Crystal Palace. He’s gonna run his socks off in order to get a hat-trick against West Bromwich”.

The words belong to Frode Andersen, winner of FPLOL’s gameweek 14 in Fantasy Premier League (click here to join for free or use the code 7hnsmn). 102 points is a new all-time high for the 39 year old from Våle in Norway who takes Fantasy football very seriously.


I run a private FPL league together with a friend called Serious Shit. The level there is quite high, and I have been falling behind this season. After a good start, gameweeks 2-8 were completely disastrous.”, Andersen told

He used his wildcard in gameweek 13, just before the news about double gameweeks in 18 and 19. The first round after the wildcard ended with only 49 points, but now that his team Stovner represent! got some time to settle they really showed up for work in gameweek 14.

“This marks my official breakthrough as an FPL manager. It’s the first time I get more than 100 points. Those ahead of me in the leagues better watch out!”, Andersen said, with fresh fresh bragging rights from FPLOL.


Andersen, who is a writer/teacher currently based in Oslo, had his biggest differential in Victor Lindelöf (4.8m, 1,6%), while the armband was on Salah.

“Lindelöf scores one goal per season and it was nice that he got it just when I had bought him. 4.8m for a United defender is pretty decent in my opinion. I noticed people were criticising those who had Salah as captain, claiming they got lucky with the points since it was announced that he would not be in the starting lineup for Liverpool, but I had Fernandes as a vice captain and he got even more points”, Andersen said.

We asked him to select a team for the Weekly Monster tournament on Fanteam. He ended up with Mané as the captain there.

“I’m willing to wager a decent amount that Mané gets at least one goal. While Salah smiles and laughs when he misses a chance, Mané got furious when Klopp took him off against Crystal Palace. He was desperate to score more goals. He is also cheaper than Salah, and with rumours of Origi on his way out the door at Anfield, there is less rotation risk”, Andersen added.


The Liverpool fan is a bit sceptical of how Klopp is managing the team in a time of frequent matches.

“He refuses to take things slowly even if they are 4 and 5 goals ahead. It’s always full steam ahead. I think this will result in even more injuries come January”.

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