BRAGGING RIGHTS: With a late goal from my captain and good returns from all of my differentials I thought the bragging rights for GW12 would finally end up “at home”, until I discovered Magnus Sørbye’s Waka Waka.

“I’ve kept Arsenal players at a safe distance from my Fantasy team this year. There aren’t really any Fantasy assets there at the moment”, said Magnus Sørbye, winner of gameweek 12 in the FPLOL league in the official Fantasy Premier League game (join for free by clicking here or use code 7hnsmn).

I thought my sensational 83 points would be enough, but Sørbye’s gutsy move of putting the armband on Jamie Vardy instead of Mo Salah paid off. The Arsenal fan from Horten in Norway ended up with 90 points, only beaten by 7021 of the 7 million players worldwide. Sørbye didn’t even use a chip, making his score for gameweek 12 quite spectacular.


“I have been struggling this season and need to take some chances to climb up the Fantasy league tables. I got lucky with Vardy and had good returns on most players”, said Sørbye, who actually has real-life manager experience for Ørn Kristiania a few years back.

Are you losing faith in the Arteta project?

“Did you see the match against Burnley? Jesus Christ, that was horrible. But generally I believe in Arteta. I like him, and he comes from Man City where he has learned a lot from Pep. I am not really seing it out on the pitch at the moment though!”, Sørbye added.


Every gameweek FPLOL asks the past winner to compose their team for the the Weekly Monster tournament on Fanteam. This is a tournament made up of only one gameweek, so it doesn’t matter how many points or which players you had in your team. You get 105 “millions” for a new team consisting of 11 players and their price is largely adjusted according to their opponent.

Sørbye couldn’t quite resist Arsenal after all and this is his selection for gameweek 13:

And your best/worst joke?

Have you heard about the electrician who grounded his father?