We are now introducing a new column on FPLOL.com called Bragging Rights where the winner of the past round gives their recommendation for the next, plus their best/worst joke (of course). First up: Jan Erik Paulsen from Norway.

With Werner as captain, Paulsen, who is a fan of Man United, claimed the highest score in gameweek 8 with 77 points.

That took him to third place in the FPLOL.com league in the official Fantasy Premier League game. 41 players have registered so far, you can join for free by clicking here or enter the code 7hnsmn. We will soon introduce some cool prices so watch this space. Here is the current top 10.

Q: What is your best memory from Fantasy football?

A: My gameweek 5 wildcard in the current season. I bought Son and capped him, before “everyone” had him. His return was 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 clean sheet and 2 bonus points, totalling 26 points. Hieeey!

Q: What is your worst FPL memory?

A: I misunderstood how to use the bench boost and played it in gameweek 7. I have been told afterwards you are supposed to use it in double gameweeks. (Paulsen had benched Zouma with 14 points so his bench boost return wasn’t bad at all).

Q: What is your best tip for gameweek 9?

A: If you haven’t opened your eyes to Hakim Ziyech yet, now is the time. I remember him from Ajax. His extremely keen to play after many games on the sideline. His has a fantastic foot and loves to shoot.

Q: You are not worried about the competition on Chelsea’s midfield?

A: He was outstanding in the last match, so not really. The fact that he takes a lot of set pieces gives him the benefit of any doubt.

Q: Best/worst joke?

A: Joe to his father: What is faster? To tear a house down or to build it?
Joe’s father: To build it. Because you have to build it before you tear it down. 😳

Thanks Jan Erik and best of luck with the rest of the season!