BRAGGING RIGHTS: Patric Bjerkeskaug is having his best ever FPL season. He is no longer panicking after a poor round, and since the pre-season took place during his paternity leave, he finally had the time he needed to prepare.

“The timing could not have been better. The last weeks of pre-season and the first 4-5 gamweeks took place when I was at home with Iren. I could listen to podcasts, read forums and prepare properly, which is something I haven’t done before”, said the winner of gameweek 11 in FPLOL’s league in the official Fantasy Premier League game.


You could say Bjerkeskaug took the piss out of the competition with his team Kroa FK, except for “Charter Svein” Skårås’ St Domingo FC who also got 89 points in the end. But since Bjerkeskaug has more points in total, he gets the win. You can join the FPLOL league for free by clicking this link or using the code 7hnsmn.

“I got lucky with Matip. I think it’s the first time he scores a goal in three years or something like that. But I was confident of the clean sheet and if he avoids injuries I think he can be a good punt”, Bjerkeskaid added.

(FPLOL fact check: Matip scored his only other Premier League goal last season, opening the scoring in a 3–1 home win over Arsenal).


We are finally introducing prizes for all the gameweek winners and Bjerkeskaug is the first player to win a Paysafe card worth 100 NOK (€10). That is enough to buy in 4 times for the smallest Weekly Monster tournament on Fanteam. From now on the Bragging Rights column will include the team selected for this tournament by the gameweek winner.

As you can see, Bjerkeskaug is betting on Alexander Trent-Arnold being back in business.

“He played this week in the Champions League and should be rested after quite some weeks on the sideline. I think it’s just a matter of time before Robertson (the opposite wingback) is rested for a match, Robertson was also slightly injured during the international break, so I think Trent is a great player to have now”.


The Weekly Monster is a tournament that only lasts for one gameweek. You can enter with a buy-in of €2, €20 or €200, and the top players win a share of the prize pool depending on the finishing position. For example, in the €20 tournament, at least 1034 players win a prize and the overall winner is guaranteed at least €10K.

If you use this link when you sign up your account on Fanteam you can deposit €20 and play for €5.

The good thing about this tournament, for most players at least, is that it does matter how many points you already have or which players you had in the previous round. You get 105 “millions” for a team of 11 players, no need for a bench. The prizes of the players vary greatly depending on who their team is playing against. For example Salah, who is playing Fulham at home with Liverpool, costs 15 million. But as you can see from the team of Bjerkeskaug, the funds are more than enough to create a powerful lineup.

The scoring and the rules may be slightly different to what you are used to, so we recommend that you read them before you submit your team (they are available on the page of each tournament, just click details/scoring/prizepool).


If this is not the first time you read an interview or listen to a podcast of you know what comes next, and you know it might not translate greatly.

Bjerkeskaug, what’s your best/worst joke?

What do you call a Sami ex? Examen.

For the record, here is his winning team from GW11.