At FPLOL we take the laughs so your Fantasy team won’t have to. Here is our first collection of funny content from the world of Fantasy and football.

To find a funny or punny name for your Fantasy team is a priority for many and we really do appreciate the efforts out there. Our top 10 favourites are:

Ospina Colada
Game of Throw-ins
Bilbao Baggins
Fiorentina Turner
Who ate all Depays
Show me da Mané
Obi Wan-Bissaka
For Fuchs Sake
Your Mum’s Zohore

Who is who?

Look at the picture on top of the post. One is the most successful coach to ever be in charge of the Norwegian national football team. The other is a character from the highest ever rated Norwegian movie on IMDB. We love both of them dearly, but can you tell who is who?

A channel frequently featured on my Facebook video feed is Oh My Goal. They can stay there for as long as they want when they keep delivering on this level!

7-2 eight weeks

This is old news now but do you know how long Van Dijk is out for? 7-2 eight weeks. I can imagine Liverpool fans taking issue with this a few weeks ago, but what about now when pretty much all of their best defenders are sidelined?

If there are any new Fantasy players here you should know this: When you see an exclamation point next to the player it means they are very dangerous and can give you many returns. Yellow is good, red is great 😁. And don’t forget to join the league in the official FPL game for free here (or use league code 7hnsmn) so I can finally get some players behind me!

She’s probably a keeper

Not sure how to pronounce the names of English teams? Don’t worry, you are probably better than this TV presenter from U TV.

Did we miss anything funny related to Fantasy football! Send it to and if we like it you can find it featured in the next round of For Fuchs Sake.

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