The Fantasy Premier League game on the Scout platform is very similar to the official FPL, except you enter with a buy-in and the opportunity to win big. There are also some players that cost less and here is the overview.

If you are the type of Fantasy players that like to “make things interesting”, you have probably enters some mini-leagues with a buy-in by now. To join the FPLOL mini league (for free) click this link or enter the code wr44t8.

But if you want to enter with a buy-in and compete with thousands of players and gigantic prize pools, your best bet is to register with one of the sites on the Scout Fantasy platform. They offer seasonal bets (and plenty of gameweek bets) and the buy-in ranges from €23 to a whopping €5,500. The prize pools of the biggest tournament are guaranteed to be more than €1 million and the prize pool is distributed among the players finishing on top.

Where to register on the Scout platform

There are plenty of operators who offer the Fantasy game from the Scout platform. If you use Fanteam there is a bonus in it for you if you click this link to register. If you use Bethard you can get a nice bonus by using the registration code “fplol”. We are working with a few more operators to get good deals for our readers so stay tuned.

The game itself is almost identical to the official FPL game, except there are no bench boost, free hit and triple captain “chips”. Also the scoring system is slightly different, so we recommend you familiarise yourself with that before selecting your team. Another difference as mentioned in the intro is the price on some players. The below is not a complete overview of those, but we have identified some players that are on the shortlist to be part of of our GW1 squad.

Toney, Coleman and Kane are all cheaper

Brentford talisman Ivan Toney who is a bargain at 6.5M in the official game is an even bigger bargain on the Scout platform at 6.0M. Brentford have a goon run of fixtures in the beginning of the season and many believe they will hit the ground running in their first season on the top level since 1946/47.

Everton’s right back Seamus Coleman is priced at 4.5M (5.0M on FPL). With Everton failing to sign another right back Coleman is expected to start, at least in the beginning of the season. Favourable fixtures makes Coleman a promising enabler, with potential clean sheets under new manager Benitez, although he is injury prone and usually lacks offensive returns.

Harry Kane might not be a good option for GW1 but it seems unlikely that he will not be a must-have at some point during the season, and at 12.0M instead of 12.5M he could be a premium bargain.

Sterling, Lukaku, Mané at a million less

Raheem Sterling is a full million cheaper at Scout at 10M.

Same goes for Romelu Lukaku at 10.5M.

I have heard many FPL pundits complaining about the price of Mané, arguing the 0.5M less than Salah makes him extremely hard to choose. Well on the Scout platform Mané only costs 10M (Salah (12.5M costs the same on both platforms).

Jamie Vardy is also 1 million cheaper on Scout with 9.5M. Son also priced at 9.5M (10M on FPL). Firminho only costs 7.5M which could potentially be a bargain if he can remain the number 1 forward. Raphinha from Leeds costs a million more on Scout, while Bamford costs 0.5M less.

The list goes on but now I have to publish this article to get it out there before the GW1 deadline at 19:30 CET.

Best of luck!

PS: To join the FPLOL mini league (for free) click this link or enter the code wr44t8.