FPLOL’s very own Norwegian translator Kristoffer Silberg had the last laugh with 77 point this gameweek. That gave him not only bragging rights, but even the manager of the month title at work. He explains the recent success with getting Jota early into his team, and being “forced” to buy Mahrez.

“I bought Jota one round before he got popular, and I wanted someone from City but could not afford Sterling or KDB, so I ended up with Mahrez”, Silberg told FPLOL.

He works as a teacher in addition to translating for FPLOL.com and the 21 points from the Algerian gave him the prestigious title as Manager of the Month among the staff at the elementary school. I bet he hasn’t felt that good since he brought a Tropo from home and enjoyed it at the beach in Ao Nang, Thailand.

This column is called “bragging rights” but it’s difficult to provoke any bragging from the humble winner of gameweek 10. However, facts are facts.

Silberg was a semi professional player for Ørn Horten. If they had a Fantasy league for 3rd division in 2013, Silberg would have easily scored the most points of all players with 30 goals in 28 games as a midfielder.

“I was a bit like Mahrez that season, never passing the ball”, Silberg claimed.

Being a Manchester United supporter he tries to avoid their players in order to avoid double disappointment, but Silberg admits he got a bit lucky with Mahrez.

“I bought him when I wanted an offensive player from Manchester City for gameweek 7, but before his hat-trick this round I considered that as a mistake. To get Guaita in on a wildcard was another. I am not too happy with selling Wilson before this round to afford Calwert-Lewin either. A good move though was to go for Jota early on, and when it comes to Fernandes I am ignoring my own “rule” for now, he is simply too much involved to be left out”, Silberg commented.

The best ever FPL placement for Silberg’s K-Dog Academy is 88 722 in 18/19. And with 605 points total this season he has broken into the top 10 of FPLOL’s league.

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Your hottest tip for the next round, Silberg?

I guess this is too late as a tip for gameweek 11 but with the current circumstances I believe it’s wise to save any transfers until late in the week”.

And your best/worst joke?

“What did the two dried fish say to each other? ‘Hey! Long time, no sea.’”

PS: Let’s light a candle for our friend Dag Rune Herting who had Mahrez on the bench but still got 60 points.

“Good luck” in gameweek 11!